When you work you have meetings. When you have meetings, they end right at the time your desired train leaves the station towards that sanctuary you call the continuation of a hell now in the form of home. In anticipation of random work schedules with both Mommy Ranman and I in the city, we both have car keys with the full expectation that we need to get our little girl ASAP. Any parent left behind if it means one gets the munchkin home sooner.

It’s not easy getting home after 7pm every night just so that Baby Rangirl is in bed by 9:30pm at the latest. So that in mind, Mommy Ranman left work while I was still in a meeting. We usually meet up at the train station to head home together, but her texts indicated that a) she’s just going to take off and b) her crummy AT&T service/office setting prevented her from receiving my texts.


I just learned that we are on the same train comfortably without me noticing her through the train windows stumbling down the station’s stairs trying to catch it. That would have meant an obligation for me to get up and leave my seat in a crowded train to meet her. And ultimately losing my seat.

This parenting thing is hard man. Sacrifices are aplenty.