Look at you, Baby Rangirl. Enjoying your soaked toy block which floated atop the water next to you in your tub. Outside. Yup, we brought your tub outside after a failed attempt at the inflatable pool daddy bought for you. Similar to all the formula you waste because you are no longer hungry despite screaming bloody murder seconds before. Formula that again, daddy bought you.

It was our first attempt at any water activities outside with your tiny arse … but the only thing you love to be in when presented the new awesome inflatable pool was your tub we bathe you in at night. You can see the yellow bee-shaped pool behind Ms. Picky Pants laid to die like the stingless bee it is. All we wanted to do was combat the 200 degree New York weather.

That said, we got a heavy diaper post tub-for-pool experience:


You never believe the super absorbency of diapers because it seems like every 2 days the crib sheets or baby clothes are wet from what can only be assumed as baby pee.