There was a smell of…buttered popcorn in the air and I was almost certain that our daughter crapped her diapers while sleeping on our couch. But upon checking before laying her to sleep in the crib I saw no signs of poop.

Then came a torrential thunder storm over the night which would wake up the ugly on Sofia Vergara’s face. It woke up both Mommy Ranman and I out of our sleep stupor and had us bring Baby Rangirl to our bed till the loud storm passed. The kid was wide eyed but had no complaints at all.

Then as per usual around 5:30AM she woke up waiting for our morning greetings. That’s when I smelt the butter popcorn again. Was it just her sheets or clothes that were left in the wash too long? Maybe she snuck in popcorn to bed so that she could watch Netflix on the Wii in her room with her stuffed animals?

Nope. Poop. Luckily there was no spillage all night – especially in our $2500 bed. This was the first time Baby Rangirl went that long with a crap diaper. This was the 200th time I messed up parenting. But God bless the Pampers company. The babysitter had mentioned how the line of diapers we were using didn’t absorb as much. Suck it, babysitter.