I wonder if in fact our daughter does favor one parent over the other. Or maybe it’s just our girl growing up and growing some tough skin. But the little tike was just a delight to take to the doc yesterday. I was beyond nervous: it’s the first time I’m taking her on my own with no help from Mommy Ranman, no stroller or carrier since I was too lazy to load the truck with one, and she wouldn’t eat in the morning until finally calming down to take a quick 5 ounces. Would that even be enough fluid for her?

Of course you paranoid first time parent, Daddy Ranman! This kid is more focused on her surroundings than my petty concerns like it being 90 degrees by 9:30AM, having to park light years away from the office’s entrance, and potential dehydration. Lugging our ever-growing butterball past the planet formerly known as Pluto and the entire decade of the 1960s in the lengthy and super packed parking lot proved trying. But Baby Rangirl didn’t mind the pounding sun and it’s deathly rays.

And the 2 shots barely phased our girl. Mommy Ranman has said in previous months that the shots would put our girl in a foul mood for a few hours- but with me she cried for her last shot for less than a minute and then continued to observe the rest of surroundings:


Your current stats:

  • 27.5 inches (90somethingith percentile)
  • 15.14 pounds (60th percentile)
  • Big head (90somethingith percentile)
  • I had a list of questions that Mommy Ranman had me ask the doctor so I was laser-focused on those rather than remembering the exact numbers for our baby. It’s a flaw of mine, and likely yours too Baby Rangirl. I retain the bare minimum info to understand a conversation, comprehend articles, research life-saving security systems for our house (more on that in another blog post)…am I lazy? Mentally: yes. Physically: yes.

    Would I take you to the doctor again? Promise to be well-behaved with me Baby Rangirl and l’ll take you to Pluto, which apparently resides in the doctor’s parking lot right next to the 1960’s and other ridiculous examples to describe its vastness. Heck, I’ll take you anywhere you want provided you don’t cry. Except a boy’s house. Off limits. You have a better shot being allowed to run a meth lab out of our basement which was originally reserved for either my mancave or the dungeon in which we lock you up until the young age of 29.