Well, you live in New York chances are you’ll start seeing through New York lenses. By New York lenses I mean the ever popular hipster-friendly lenses of an iPhone and the Instagram app. This weekend we went to Cape Cod with our baby Rangirl and took her to the beach for her first of many battles with Mother Nature’s wasteland we know better as “the beach”. I’m convinced Mother Nature herself hates the beach since her angry womanly waves crash the shores in rage once a month for a week at a time. I’m sorry. I am bitter because the wench stole our beach umbrella and sucked it into the ocean, fully knowing I won’t go past ankle deep to save anything in the water since as per stereotypes, this dark dude can’t swim.

But back to our baby girl first at the beach:

Baby Rangirl in her tent…

…A better hipster view head-on

Our baby’s arm after the beach against Mommy Ranman’s jealous chest

The ocean claiming our umbrella…my father-in-law and cousin-in-law attempting to save it may also be visible in this pic…

Also of note, we visited the aquarium and a dinosaur park prior to hitting the beach…here our hipster baby is looking at shiny fish…

…and I gave up this parenting gig so I decided to feed our baby to a T-Rex…