I think it’s a fair comparison when looking at Baby Rangirl side-by-side with a shark. She lurks (studying every last event going on in front of her 5 month-old head), she pounces (when you least expect her to grab something expensive on the table in front of you whilst perched on your lap), she gobbles up items violently (if it’s within her reach, it’s going in the mouth), and she acts up close to Shark Week on the Discovery Channel (like any shark within reach of a tv with access to the channel as provided by your local cable/satellite provider, see local listings for details). Confirmation of our Shark Girl from our aquarium trip this past weekend:

…lurking (rising from the playpen at the hotel after a long slumber)…


…shark sighting!…


…studying her prey (with daddy)…


…and pounce!!! Shark-on-shark crime!!! So close to Shark Week!!