Guess I couldn’t avoid it. Just when you think you got some sort of routine down, right? Just when you think you know what Ranman? Parenting isn’t as bad as others say…perhaps they’re the ones who suck at it! Am I right, Self? Ooooo I wonder if I can get the kid to sleep in time for my shows….

I thought I wouldn’t have to see any poop again. Maybe the occasions when Mommy Ranman isn’t home…or weekends when again, Mommy Ranman isn’t home. Even then I feel there are certain times when the poop runs deep but I pretend to not notice until coincidentally Mommy or the babysitter is around.

Then came that faithful day. It was in the morning. Sunny morning, low 70s outside with 20% chance of rain. The Republican Convention thingy was on later that night which would interfere with America’s Got Talent scheduling and the Yankees would go on to lose to the Blue Jays.

“Damn it, Baby Rangirl! Mommy Ranman!! She’s pooping! I call ‘not it’! She’s doing it as I speak ”

“But you’re right there! Looks like Play Doh, doesn’t it?”

“C’mon I can’t do this- ugh you’re right, Play Doh.”