Perhaps one of the biggest fears has come to live with the Ranmans. I lost my job. No, it wasn’t outsourced…because with me being Indian I guess that technically made me the sourced? With us being a new family of 3.5 (gotta count the cat who apparently needs to be fed as well) it’s quite scary to think I have only a month’s worth of pay left to live on before I have to depend on unemployment.

Friday was my first day with no job and the first thing I did was call our babysitter to let her know that her services are on pause at the time. It felt like a day off from work as I watched Baby Rangirl. We had a great time…but wow is it exhausting watching her on my own for an entire day. I have a new found respect for the housewife.

When I did have a few days off earlier this month I made the mistake of allowing Baby Rangirl to sleep most of the day. It made for a long night with the kid waking up a lot. Friday I made it a point to keep the squirt up and actually play with her. It’s such a weird dynamic to go from watching tv on a day off to choosing between eating or cleaning up during the quick 30 minute nap Baby Rangirl took.

So how’d I do with my first session of daddy daycare?

1) Baby Rangirl fell down from sitting and hit her head twice on the floor. Nothing major as there was carpet, but ugh.

2) I don’t know HOW anyone else manages an emergency bowel movement when the kid is awake. I am going to need a plan. I put Baby Rangirl in her walker and left her outside the bathroom as I talked from to behind the cracked door to help reassure the noises she would be hearing were natural for a grown up adult.


3) We took a walk to the grocery at 3PM. Apparently the day crowd differs from those we normally would encounter after work. An old lady clogged the line behind me as she turned around to tell me how adorable my kid was and how Baby Rangirl reminds her of some kid that blah blah blahs. I zoned out and looked around nervously to ensure it was protocol to be nice to an old lady who held up the line at a grocery.

4) I was recovering from the previous day when I almost dropped Baby Rangirl from stubbing my toe on the steps and well….I nearly fell UP the stairs essentially. By odd balancing act kept Baby Rangirl secure but the nail on the my big toe clearly was pulled enough that I bled.

5) While walking to the grocery and pushing Baby Rangirl in her stroller across a parking lot, we were almost run over by an old assmunch reversing his car. Oh boy did I yell at him but like most old people, he was beyond oblivious. Points to me for not cursing or chasing him down with Baby Rangirl right there.

What have I learned? Never go for a walk outside again. Old people are creepy.


Home with daddy can be relaxing, too.