Baby Rangirl, I am looking at you as I dictate into my iPhone this blog post. You’re looking at me with dead brown big eyes and you are probably wondering why am I still here in front of your face a opposed to your regular babysitter. Wow, I had to correct quite a few of the words in that last sentence, I guess I have some weird English accent that I’m not aware of. Must be “minority”.

I had no idea how exhausting it is to watch one child. Throw in to the mix an annoying cat and we have problems:


This cat roams the halls all day… I had no idea how annoying she is. She is up in your face, scratching on the furniture, and pretty much trying to get everyone out of the house…sorry: her house.

I need a job. 2 days of unemployment and I’m whining like a little kid with first world problems.

Stats so far for the day:

4 failed attempts at trying to go into the crawling position, so ultimately 4 face plants by 11:30 AM.

One accidental step on the cat’s tail.

Three incidents of yelling at the cat by 11:30 AM.

A trip to McDonald’s for one dollar coffee.

Spilt coffee on the stroller. You don’t realize how bumpy sidewalks are until you try to balance hot beverage in the stroller’s cupholder.