Bros and Brosephines. I need to calm down. Momma raised a better son than what I want to be.

I took Baby Rangirl into the mean streets of New York via the overpriced Long Island Railroad- where Baby Rangirl found the trip comforting enough to talk at the highest pitch only dogs could decipher. While walking to Mommy Ranman’s job with Baby Rangirl in a baby carrier strapped to my chest an older lady raised her hand furiously at me as if she were hailing a cab.

Yes, it’s racist since I am Indian in case you were keeping score at home. I am not a cab driver.

As I got closer I was startled that the lady was directing her comments at me: “you need to hold her head! Her head, hold it properly!”

I immediately thought “who is this her the old bag is referring to?” until I realized I was still carrying Baby Rangirl who was staring up at the sky in wonderment. I just said “she is FINE” in response as I kept walking.

Naturally my anger festered as I had time to think. Who does this hoe think she is, telling me how to hold my kid? Baby Rangirl is almost 8 months and sits up regularly these days so I am confident she was tilting her head up on purpose to enjoy what little sky she can see past the tall skyscrapers.

If it were legal, I’d go back in time and come back with a better response like “you should hold your head up you humpback” or “you need to focus more on your own issues with gravity Mrs. Doubtfire”…just any ageist joke so that I’d have a better story for this blog post. Maybe I’d poll the audience for suggestions on come backs and record each one to post as I go back in time for some classic time-insulting.

Oh sorry , I don’t have a pic related to this post…so here’s just a random one:


Go Yanks and their playoff run!!