This cat is out of control- it’s as if she is daring me to kick her out of the house. How did it go from having half a child in the cat to having 2 whole kids with the birth of Baby Rangirl?


Mommy Ranman still has the baby bug which has her craving a sibling for Baby Rangirl. I say “nay” and “fie upon such rubbish!” (along with other 13th Century speak which makes the though of another child sound silly) to that. The rule should be No new kid until the cat grows out of her teenaged years…or croaks…or we no longer have to restrain her each morning so that she doesn’t act up:


My biggest fear with the arrival of a kid was the cat’s love affair of jumping into beds. She might hop into the crib and continue to be a douche in there. Instead, the cat has decided to do everything else but hop into the crib to annoy us- such as meow at the top of her lungs for no reason, knock iPads and iPhones onto the floor, break stuff, rip stuff, get into forbidden places……..I feel like her grand finale will be taking a dump in the crib.