I did it, Baby Rangirl. I managed to find a way out of watching you everyday for the past month and 5 days, 13 hours, 29 seconds. Don’t do the math- I think I’m a little off. But man, I am getting bombarded with lack of sleep and soiled diapers which have been driving me up the wall.

I found a job!


Aww not interested, Baby Rangirl? Won’t hang out with daddy anymore- you’ll hang by yourself far away in a corner? Good. Get used to it. Daddy is poopy free in a couple weeks as we go back to the regular agreement: momma gets the soiled diapers, dada gets the night shifts.

I thought with the relief of landing a job I’d be able to enjoy the remaining days with Baby Rangirl before I return to work. Nope. There’s a reason why housewife should be an occupation. The exhaustion of babysitting is too much after only a month. It’s one job I’ll quit!