The past few nights you have decided to disrupt our sleeping patterns, Baby Rangirl. I thought for some time people were just reading this one blog post regarding our superstition surrounding your awakening at 3something AM for 4 nights straight. Those that read this post would then ask our parents if this were true and then our parents would try to fight off the urge to gossip on how so-and-so wanted to know if Baby Rangirl sleeps through the night but they were good grandparents and knew better than to ask us themselves because of the “jinx”. But by association the virus contamination is in full effect and Baby Rangirl wakes up at 3something AM. I know, sounds superstitious but we have no other explanation.

Or rather….I wanted to avoid the truth. Teething. For some reason Baby Rangirl might be feeling the effects of teeth coming in according to the googles. Each time I think Baby Rangirl has finally been soothed back to sleep she wakes up immediately as her head hits the mattress. And I apologize sweet Baby Rangirl but your first word may actually be of the cussing persuasion. Can’t you just use baby dentures for now?

Conveniently for 2 nights now Baby Rangirl has switched up the whole 3AM witching hour thing and doesn’t even wake up. But I’m up. And that’s the important thing here. The moral of the story. The proverb of the day. The coup de gras. The whoopee doo. I’m wiiiiide awake in anticipation-mode. I think the next time Baby Rangirl wakes up we’ll both need a bottle to help us sleep.