We went pumpkin picking to try and tie Baby Rangirl’s fascination with Elmo to pumpkins. Or- rather what we deem fascination…just when I feel Baby Rangirl is interested in a particular tv show or character she shows the same amount of enthusiasm for the opening intro to The Big Bang Theory. I assume that’s just me trying to desperately apply a personality to our baby for those that ask about Baby Rangirl, when in reality there may not be much there.

“Our baby loves Elmo…see? I know what our baby likes so don’t think you can come in with your general parenting skills and assume you can apply your general googleable knowledge to our unique baby.” Next thing you know we’re pushing Elmo onto a kid that just likes the color red and really hates a genderless muppet.

Well, for argument’s sake we will assume there is an interest of the idea “Elmo”. First, we throw Baby Rangirl into a sea of orange and see if she takes to any pumpkin:


Then, we pretend she liked a particular pumpkin which we bring home and voilà! The Great Pumpkin itself: