Wow. Almost a year later and you’ve experienced a hurricane both in and outside your mother’s womb little Rangirl! What in tarnations is going on here??? Hurricane Irene of last year came and went with little impact to us. It was on a weekend, during the day, and warm enough that Mommy Ranman and I went for a walk outside.

This year however seems to the opposite. A Monday storm that forced me to miss my first day at the new job due to the trains being suspended. A state of emergency which has folk taking evacuation advisories seriously. Trees falling dangerously close to 2 friends’ homes. And now no power around 8PM.

How do you entertain an 8 month-old baby when you lack light and an attention span to do so? Typically I require television or the internets to entertain me while I let you play on the carpet with things you’re not allowed to touch. But now I almost wish the television remote control you finally get to play with actually turns the tv on after its power outage-induced coma.

Well at least most of your toys are battery operated. It amuses both you and your parents for minutes at a time.


With the power out Baby Rangirl, your parents are forced to ignore the natural instinct in providing you with a sibling in 9 months and salvage what we could from the fridge before it goes bad:


The booze needed to be taken care of. The chocolate…well we’re assuming Halloween will be cancelled so we need to prepare to devour the candy before it expires. I know, chocolate isn’t known for an expiry date…but it does expire in our minds when the labels show Halloween print and the present holiday is actually the 4th of July.