Ah, another year brings another victim closer to wrinkle-city. When asked “how does it feel to have a birthday with a baby in your life?” Mommy Ranman could only say “just plain weeeeird!”

On the 2nd anniversary of Mommy Ranman’s 29th birthday I had Baby Rangirl send her mother strawberry chocolates to help pregame for next week’s Thanksgiving fatfest. Hmm, where were we only a year ago? Lets flash back:

Chinese Cabbage

Ah yes…last year around this time you were compared to as being the size of an incomparable veggie by babycenter.com. Trust me, that was a loooong time ago. Now, I would compare you to the size of an ox and the weight of a moose. My biceps are ripped from lifting you every night when you wake up.

Good ol days. Happen birthday wife! Here’s some reminders as to why we are married:

I can be annoying:


I can send supportive Facebook posts:20121116-084925.jpg

I rarely push your hometown’s rival baseball team on our daughter: