It’s highly unlikely your grandparents read this blog, Baby Rangirl. So I feel comfortable blogging about any scares here in the event some of the 2 readers out there look to the blog as the beacon for information. We reported the general stats of your last doctor visit last week to both white and dark set of grandparents.

What we omitted was the immediate X-ray we took a floor up in the same building of your hips. I joke that your leg folds are annoyingly difficult to clean and need to be worked out in the event they indicate you being fat. And we are not in the business of housing an unhealthy baby.

But apparently thigh folds were what prompted the pediatrician to recommend an X-ray. There is a tell in asymmetrical folds that could mean hip issues and/or an uneven-growing of legs. Naturally, Mommy Ranman jumped into “fight these tears back” mode and immediately had us get the X-ray despite it being our day off– we originally planned the day to be a fun hangout with our daughter since we wouldn’t really have a Thanksgiving with just the 3 of us. No one wants to spend their “Impromptu Thanksgiving” worrying in the Radiology office.

So we went. While waiting in the office Mommy Ranman decided to fight back the tears and google more facts on fat folds in babies. Our little girl decided to just hang out and laugh at the mirror behind us. It felt odd being in there for a 9 month old’s X-rays among the older people. All I could think about was “what did we do wrong?” Was it the Jumparoo? The other day I was thinking how violently Baby Rangirl would jump in this thing- was it hindering her hips from properly developing? What a horrible parent I was for putting her in minutes at a time each day while I was unemployed.

Or perhaps it was my trip into the city with Baby Rangirl and leaving her in the baby carrier for the entire trip? Ugh. Revoke my parenting license.

Mommy Ranman declared that regardless of what the cause was, Baby Rangirl always had 1 more prominent fold than the other leg before we even began putting her in various baby mechanisms. She pulled out a baby pic of only 3 months old and surely enough: a fold that the doc should have called out sooner if in fact this was a concern.

So after the baby screaming to get the X-rays, a couple days of googling, and a whole lot of mind preparing: we finally got a voice mail saying the X-rays looked fine. We even had Baby Rangirl crawling around naked so that we could lay her down on her stomach to compare if her butt checks were symmetrical (another way to check for hip issues). Naturally, we couldn’t tell and tried our best to convince ourselves that it’s probably best waiting for the pediatrician to confirm.

And she did, Baby Rangirl was looking good. The precautionary X-rays were probably the inkling of worries to come. Yippie.


Fold looks prominent as it always has…