Your first Thanksgiving, Baby Rangirl! No Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for you…chances are when you read this the Parade will still seem like a myth to you. As you will have learnedly now Daddy will avoid people and the city when possible.

But you did get to spend the day with your family and lots of noise. Your darker half of the family are quite the noisy bunch but you handled it like a champ. You were having a fussy day as is but managed to put up with all the passing around and high pitched “look at the baby!” calls.

I really wanted to give you pieces of turkey but us Indians cook with so much spice you’d be learning to potty train the day after because we couldn’t keep up with all the soiled diapers. So we opted for a big-girl-meal:


All while Daddy contributed his famous-by-the-time-you-read-this Tex Mex chicken:


There was a damper for this Thanksgiving- the day before you somehow bruised your cute little nose at the babysitter. Our pics were spoiled but not ruined. Some of those pics to be posted at a future date 🙂