These past couple nights have been grueling, Baby Rangirl. Future-you must be reading this and thinking “boy, my Daddy sure does complain a lot. I’m going to make sure I marry rich so I have help raising a child. Maybe I’ll hook up with
Derek Jeter’s offspring- preferably a girl since Daddy always warned me of manipulative boys and how each one carries a virus until both them and myself turn 29 years of age… minimum.” Well you’re right in thinking that. Glad I raised you well…hey: while you’re in the future, are the Kardashians still relevant? Hope not.

You have been waking up and likely it’s the direct result of teeth coming in! You’re white grandmother pointed this out while staying with us over the Thanksgiving weekend and sure enough there it was: tooth #25:, the central incisor. Intimidating. I wouldn’t want to be the first piece of meat ripped to shreds by your C.I. It’s barely visible but dark grandma wants us to take a pic so that she can see it too. Easier said than done. She can try to get you to smile like the rest of us and see for herself. Every time we think we can get a pic of a great pose you’re flaunting you get distracted and we lose the shot.

Looks like we’re gonna have to stock up on some more liquid courage for you to deal with the pain…


These frozen teething toys are a great help sometimes! At night they can help knock you out into sleep oblivion when rocking and mumbling sweet cuss words nothing’s don’t work. Example found below.