Well Baby Rangirl, you first Christmas outside an amniotic sac has come. And your first homemade ornament is hanging on the tree. Good job little one. We had a bit of trouble getting you to lay your hand still on the clay as your natural reaction is to grasp at everything, but certainly exquisite craftsmanship from the long line of artists on your daddy’s side. Yup, we Ranmans are masters at crafting…here’s daddy’s work, whilst at work:


Back to Christmas. Something tells me 79% of these products are for you, where 100% of the boxes they shipped in are definitely for you:


Hopefully by now you realize that mommy and daddy are in debt thanks to that cute face of yours (the looks still held up for you in the future, right? If not, I’m sorry. I don’t think Ranmans age well, no offense to Grandma). (Oh, another set of parentheses…Mommy Ranman finally let me break the news to you that Santa does NOT exist and those gifts are from the magnetic North Pole of my credit card strip, right?) (Another thing, money is NOT made from tree no matter what your mother keeps feeding you. You are getting a hand-me-down car no matter what. You get a new one when you hit 29 and have proven you’re not a stripper).