I used my first birthday as a dad to get presents for my daughter as well:


Ignore the pink onesies, they are of Boston Red Sox decent despite my wife being the Red Sox fan and it NOT being her birthday. The gift was from my parents, no less. The same stupid people who had to live with me for 20 some-odd-years who didn’t get the hint when I went to numerous Yankees games on their dime. Clearly these onesies were an attack on me and an attempt to kiss my wife’s derrière. It’s racist, if yah ask me.

They at least got the Giants pajamas I asked for, and I must say- our daughter looks great in them. Yes, that’s a little girl in there, not a boy.


I sacrificed a gift to get you those pajamas, Baby Rangirl. Remember that when trying to stick me in a nursing home. Stick your Red Sox-loving mother in there instead, she’s the one that needs the help.