…isn’t as easy as I would have thought with a 10 month-old moving fart box. Yes, Baby Rangirl. Daddy is letting the world know that girls do in fact flatulate (autocorrect doesn’t think that’s a substitute word for fart) so that I can refer to this form of literature when you begin to rebel.


There you are playing with everything except your toys. At one point we had to cease all uses of scissors and scotch tape due to your persistence.


There’s your partner in crime. In instance where we were able to ward you off from any encounter with the gift wrapping paper, the cat would pick up the slack. Any other day I would have been able to just take you to your room and give mommy the space and time she requires to complete all the wrapping.

However, the Giants game was on — if anything all wrapping should be done away from the big tv and all babies dropped off at the baby sitter.