I am not a follower of the news. Well- not to the extent of others. Why bother keeping all these people as Facebook friends when their opinions are just as useful as a news story on Fox News? Baby Rangirl- do they even have the news in the future whilst you read this from what’s left of the White House being First Lady to the first female president ever? Hopefully lesbianism is so accepted by the time you’re 29 that you were a-ok with being one. And then you marry some powerful woman who becomes president and start cleaning up America and it’s horrible boy situation where all these ragamuffins do is defile us aging men’s daughters. Or maybe you’re the president herself in this situation. I rather you aim for First Lady though- that way they don’t investigate your background too much and find out that your dad was a little slow to paying his parking tickets. And maybe we could also squash the alleged fact that your father has been secretly eating high cholesterol burgers and beers behind your mother’s back despite the doctor’s warnings. These dirty secrets can tear a family apart.

Holy crap- what was the point of this post? Hmm. Ah the news. So the recent Sandy Hook shootings of umpteen people has poisoned my Facebook feed so violently with people’s opinions on gun control that I’m about to delete the darn account. Whether you’re for or against control: can’t we just agree that something needs to be done to protect my kid so she can grow up to be in the White House?

In marketing we test things out: if it doesn’t work we try something else. Why isn’t America about that? Why argue so much that nothing gets done- or do something to only try and reverse that rule (i.e. abortion).

Okay. That’s it. No further opinions, stories, news, blah blah blah. But when you mess with my family or my Facebook feed…a father needs to respond. [/rant]

And now, Baby Rangirl- back to you and your current rampage:


That’s you being anime’d by daddy and his funky iPhone apps.