Hello from 2012, Baby Rangirl! We have oh-so-much to be excited for!

1) We survived the Mayan Apocalypse. Now that’s not to say the world won’t end- natural disasters are increasingly annoying these past couple years, people are getting crazier with their mass shootings and financial cliff avoidance…but for now we get to enjoy your cute chunky cheeks a little while longer. And that tongue thing you’re currently into- sticking it out like a lizard and in effect making your chin red as perhaps your enjoying the feeling of the tongue against your incoming teeth: surviving the apocalypse affords us time to explain to people that it’s not our fault your chin is so red.

2) This will probably be the last year the cat’s tail avoids your grasp as by next we fully expect you to unleash a world of hurt with your newly found motor skills.


3) Currently we’re in New Hampshire visiting your white grandparents. Though I guess in the future as you read this race isn’t a thing and they’ll probably be better known as your mother’s parents or even fancier: your maternal grandparents. Well kid, even in the Shire here from 2012 we can’t seem to shake race across the species:


3) Whilst wrapping up 2012, I wanted to point out one more time how the cat isn’t safe:



20121223-070944.jpg Don’t blame me if you get sick as Christmas 2012 quickly sneaks up on us. Your maternal family decided a sleigh ride to see Santa was in order. It was cute for sure- but not fully understanding who St. Nick was and hanging out with a bunch of people dressed up in kiddie costumes such as a penguin, the Grinch, and a snowman that danced around a campfire in the woods seemed rather cultish to me. Instead of Kool-Aid they all drank hot chocolate. Not sure I feel mentally sound after witnessing Santa come out in a lumberjack outfit awkwardly greeting our kid:



5) You also met your first dog ever- your mom’s family dog which is a big black Labrador. It was cute watching you know your place as you brought your arms and legs in close when the dog got close. But then you got your bravery-thing going and you were pulling the dog’s ears hours later. This troubles me. It’s only a matter of years before you and your mother will be hounding me for our own dog. And I am not an animal person to begin with- have I not been telling stories of the hell that is AJ, our current cat? She makes me want to ban all pets from residing in New York, or at least get a restraining order against them. Plus- I do not want to clean anyone else’s crap. And you know I will end up being the one doing it. We’re that kinda family.