Apologies for the blogging hiatus, Baby Rangirl. I was enjoying the quiet ride on the train to work while half of New York City took the week off as per usual. As you’ll learn- crowded spaces with people such as a city train will take its toll on your soul. One needs to take the holiday week to remember why suicide was never really an option the 51 weeks prior.

Now I can take this blog post to reflect on the year that was 2012: the birth of the Rangirl. Maybe quote or refer to some of the past blogs this year. But I don’t remember most of my blogs and parenting has made me lazier in other areas such as researching or reading. I’ll take a random man’s word that the world has ended if he can quote either Wikipedia or “something I read on the Internet” as a source. So I’ll just sum up this past week in my blogging absence:

1) Daddy got gifts to help better cope with parenting:


2) You got a million gifts total from your New Hampshire and New York family. Your favorite so far?


A box.

3) We feared endless nights in New Hampshire hotel since you had been routinely waking up ever 2 hours prior to the trip. You surprised us with less naps during the day and out-like-a-rock nights:


4) You wore a Lou-Ferrigno-like (dude that used to play the Hulk) sweater:


5) You attacked mommy for whatever justified reason while I took footage:


6) And some boy tried hitting on you at the diner. Not sure when I’m allowed to start raising my hand in a threatening manner to a boy…so I played it cool.