This family is never short of adventure. Actually Baby Rangirl, if you were to review the DVD-but-shot-like-crappy-VHS-quality of our wedding you would hear your mother mention in her vows the promise to continue to take me on adventures. Sure, the guests had a chuckle but it’s your father who lives the joke.

This past weekend was our first nights ever without you interrupting our sleep. It took us a trip to Seattle to escape your 3AM beaconing for attention. Your mother’s job had a little to do with us leaving you back home as well: they are relocating from New York and we might move. Not ideal because if your mother stays back, she’s jobless. So we went to scope out the area.

You may be well past all the decision making we’re doing currently, as Future You should be settled already as the result of our (bad?) decision. Naturally our parents have made the decision already for us- what would be a 4 hour commute for your mother’s parents (or 10 minute for my parents) to see you could suddenly become a 6 hour plane ride (or 3 day car ride).

No final decision has been made as of yet. Your grandparents are sweating it out. When we FaceTimed you from Seattle you cried and in turn, made your mother cry as she missed you like crazy. Time is running out. We have until January 15th to make a decision. Are you a Giants or Seahawks fan? Do you go to one of the best school systems in the country or get bullied repeatedly in New York? Thick NY skin or thick SEA beard? Dramatic sentence with a period.