Wow. So today marked an official eleven months of little sleep life on this planet, little Rangirl. I thought today would be like all the other eleventh day of the month for the past eleven months…just another day that marks another month of your existence. But then special things began to happen.

For example, my truck hit 16,000 miles exactly today.


Then I had enough time to actually buy a cup of coffee rather than hustle to catch the train since the baby woke up early enough to get ready. And at work- free lunch Fridays began today! You have no idea how key that is versus another 12 dollar lunch in the city.

And out of nowhere, to close off the day: the kid fell asleep by 8pm for the first time ever. She is usually in bed by 9:30 so we were super happy to have her get an early start. I guess with the last month before becoming a big girl- we gotta slow down a bit and appreciate the buggar. Who knows if it’s her last months in NY to begin with?!?