I can see how my last post could make the Ranmans look like interracial trailblazers heading west as we began packing for Seattle. A regular Lois and Clarke-Patel. But we’re a simple folk that gave in to parents and Daddy Ranman’s whining doesn’t like change.

I worry now that Mommy Ranman will blame me for her being unemployed, so I sprung into preventative action mode: by her a closet. So the empty shelves and bed-full-of-clothes pics you saw was Daddy Ranman avoiding the problem and buying a resolution. A psychologist must be dying a little inside as he loses out on my business.

It is sadder than I thought it would be. I want my wife to be happy. I want Baby Rangirl to be in a good school system. But I also want to ensure no parental guilt. I want the parents to know this: oh, we’ll move if we want to…just maybe not Seattle. California has my eye. Who knows Baby Rangirl, you might be reading this from Venice Beach in the future.

We do have one thing that does keep us in New York: the home we’ve made over the past 5+ years. I hate manual labor. My minority ancestors would loathe my work ethic. But the painting, furniture-moving/making, siliconing, caulking, and toilet-unclogging work we’ve done would all go down the drain. So it’s nice to continue the trend with an enhanced closet system before the wife’s job closes down shop for good.

Look at it…who wants to move this setting to a new house? Side note, that’s not a functioning globe. It’s a bar. We use google maps for stuff like travel-by-ship instead of a globe.