I want to preface this post with this, Baby Rangirl: reading is awesome. Don’t ever stop. You can achieve all your dreams with the will to read.

That said, close your eyes and move on to the next blog post. I want to talk to your mother.

Mommy Ranman. This is why we don’t have a baby proof gate installed yet:


Oh no, that isn’t a bible. That’s the instructions to install a 2-piece gate. A paragraph per step, calling out part pieces by weird names not even listed in the couple pictures that illustrate the parts that do come in the box.

A “swindle”? Okay, let me see where the swindle is…hmm…is that this first object I’ve never seen before in my hands- or one of the other 22 foreign objects in the box?

Mommy Ranman knows I hate reading. My baby’s safety is no exception. Someone buy us a new gate, please.