One would think your daddy is in trouble with his wife if they were to burglarize our house last night, Baby Rangirl. I was passed out on the living room couch whilst you and your mother hogged the bed. Once again, you were up hourly beginning at 12AM.

We temporarily decided to let you not cry-it-out and bring you to bed if it’s impossible to get you to stay in your crib. For now it seems cruel to let you cry when you have no idea why you’re being left to cry. And Mommy Ranman made the point that you’re so friggin cute there’s a good chance you’ll hate us when you’re older (who knows if it’s the result of letting you cry yourself to sleep?) so it might be worth it to soothe you while we can.

I dunno if it’s the way to go. But man did I get a solid 3 straight hours of rest on the couch. That’s nothing however- I’ll be off to San Francisco for a business trip soon so I anticipate a lot of sleep at the hotel!

Not even tiring you out during the day works: at a recent 2 year-old birthday party you were off playing with the kids and Mickey Mouse- and you still woke up at night! Such an old wives tale.