The weekends never last long enough. But at the same time they’re too long. It’s probably because the three girls in the house each contribute to a gray hair on my head. The kid wakes up and needs to be brought into the bed that’s already being shared by the cat who pushes Mommy Ranman into arch of my back.


Which leads to the kid waking up in search of things to play with. I need to substitute the iPhone which she’s already deleting apps from at a 4th grade level with the remote to our Sleep Comfort adjustable bed, which she’s adjusting the softness at a 3rd grade level.


Mind you, she has weeks to go before she’s even 1! And leave it to target marketing at Toys R’ Us to wish our baby a happy birthday before we even do. With a $5 off coupon.


Thanks goodness for Mommy Ranman on a weekend. I am able to barter my way of changing diapers in exchange for bathing Baby Rangirl. This task breaks both our aging backs over the bathtub so we both loathe it.

**Note: please excuse all typos. I am writing this in haste with Baby Rangirl bouncing all over the bed trying to grab the phone from me. Happy Sunday!!