Imagine that. 1 year ago you were projected to have slid into the world by doctors who predicted your birth date in much the same way a psychic would. But a doctor is less flashy and just asked your mother more intimate questions like “when was your last period?” rather than “did you have an uncle who was a Sagittarius?” Naturally, both psychic and doctor did not get your birthday correct Baby Rangirl. I was just happy you waited for post-Super Bowl to prove the docs wrong.

It’s funny how dates have more meaning these days. I guess it’s really all we got to help us remember the good ol’ days. The ones where you didn’t worry about a kid crawling up steps and daring gravity to pull her face towards the banisters and floor. A year ago I remember a time where I could guarantee Mommy Ranman wouldn’t run into the arms of another man because well- she was too big to run anywhere.

You’ve come a long way little girl. Now, you’re standing up on your own from time-to-time. You can point out where Biblo the pet fish is. Unfortunately you also point to him when we ask “where’s momma?” All day one time you pointed to your nose when asked of its whereabouts. But ever since you’ve refused to point it out. So there’s still a lot of work ahead of us.

Oh. And the places you find yourself. We can never take our eyes off of you. Stuck behind the couch. Tucked in a corner where the one outlet we forgot to baby proof awaits your stubby fingers. I totally see why my parents waited 8 years to have my sister. It takes that long to forget how rough #1 was with no experience. Thank goodness I have this blog to remind me.

Speaking of whereabouts…where are you? Ah of course- you’re in the most cornerest of all corners in the house.