We did the first birthday in our unfinished basement. It took a while to cover up slabs of concrete wall with colored tablecloth…but in the end it didn’t matter. It was all about kids and their candy-filled piñatas.


Now admittedly the piñata had strings at the bottom which were meant to be pulled in order to break open and access candy…but watching kids swing a bat blindfolded peaked my interest. And when the piñata broke I still grabbed a huge bag of candy and made it rain candy in spurts when the kids felt there was no candy left to pillage. Dance little monkeys. Dance.

Oh and the birthday girl? Oh, she got gifts.

And cake.



I felt the New York party was a success. Sure, I need to clean after this apocalypse, but do you even remember any of the mayhem, Baby Rangirl? Nay. You watched clowns act like fool in the comfort of your own home. Now, on to New Hampshire where the party continues! Soak it up, we’re not doing dual parties ever again.