Good question. Ever since you pinpointed the exact location of your nose, you have yet to rediscover it, Baby Rangirl. In my day (i.e. today, which will probably be a good 15+ years when you decide to read what your old man did for you even though future you and I will be fighting over you trying to go out with boys) we say “WTF” to you not being able to find that button nose again after clearly understanding its whereabouts that one time.

But you do understand Mommy’s “ticka ticka”, which means to tickle-tickle, or be prepared to be tickled-ticked. She told you “ticka ticka” and you began to tickle my bare feet today. That you get. I ask you “where’s daddy?” and all you do is point to the fish each time. But when the silliness ensues you are on top of your game. Ticka ticka.

Hurumph. You can’t walk yet, you barely understand who your mother is- but you can inflict a tickle like no one else. You are the most random chick I know.