Now that we have a child we’re considered for more children parties than ever before. Almost like a fraternity without the fun stuff that makes one: booze, people that fit in their jeans, and booze. Booze would really help conversations with other parents go so much smoother than feeling so forced. I honestly don’t care about your 7 year old Mrs. Mom-I-Just-Met, the kid no longer does anything cute nor are his stories relatable despite being at one point like our kid.

Anyhoo. We did end up at a kid’s party recently which was held at one of those places similar to a Dave & Buster’s with kiddie rides and games. And you worry if a 1 year-old even cares for a place like this. We were concerned that the place might interfere with her nap routine or just be too loud & distracting for her.

Wrong! The kid loved watching others do bumper cars as she screamed at the kids. It sounded like she was directing traffic. And the rides we got to on with her were pleasant such as the carousel and helicopter. The helicopter one I went on with Baby Rangirl and my fear was that I was 100 pounds too heavy for the thing as it wobbled in protest while I wiggled into the back seat to hold on to the kid.

And when time came to eat and sing happy birthday, our baby was ready for the challenge- wait where’d she go? Why are people tripping? Baby Rangirl!


On the floor playing with her bag. Why don’t you sit here and…


Oh right, you still have cupcake on your mouth and we left you to roam so that you don’t get any of that on our clothes.