Look. We’ll take a date whenever we can. Even if we have to think realize the following day that we had an impromptu date. Last night we had to take the plunge and attend baptism class for Baby Rangirl’s upcoming rituals. That’s right. She’ll probably the oldest kid there at a year and 2 months old by then, but we procrastinated despite both our mothers harping for a baptismal date the last 14 months.

Deciding to get Baby Rangirl baptized wasn’t top on our chores list since my family is a myriad of religions….I’m the only Catholic on my side that I know of while others are Lutherans, Muslims, Hindus, and likely Jewish by marriage. That’s right. My family is part of the percentage attributing to the tanning of America with our medium-brown children.

What was I talking about? Hmm. Date night! Right, so we got to the church about 45 minutes early and stopped into a bar for a drink and food…but the service was so bad we downed 2 drinks and scratched the food. Mommy Ranman may have even had a buzz while the Deacon sat across from us explaining the history of baptisms.

So I chalk that up as date night. And maybe a little frowned-upon drinking before hitting up a church.