So it’s been a while since my last posting, Baby Rangirl. And boy is there a good reason: you are flippin’ exhausting.

-You got your first major fever last week when I came home from a business trip. The following day your temperature rose to 100+ and we were on the fence about taking you to the emergency room. Your doc said it was an infection and to hit the ER if you seemed out of it. And to new parents, when the baby sleeps all the time from being ill it’s hard to tell what “out of it” looks like. We had our jackets on and pjs off until I just said “meh, lets wait it out”. And luckily you started feeling better until…

-…you began teething like a beast. Dude, you wanted nothing in your mouth. For 10 days and counting, between your infection and teething, you haven’t had solid food and we wonder if you’ll ever quit your whining from the pain. The babysitter claims you’re happy all day, so when we pick you up it’s as though you remember who your future enemies will be and let out the biggest fists/cries/tantrums of fury upon Mommy and Daddy.

Is there a boarding school for teething kids?

-We now have you crying yourself to sleep. It’s not as harsh as it sounds- we just had enough of soothing you every 2 hours. It’s a work in progress.

-And this morning, theres


Why is there a messy drawer by the sink? Because you managed to find a way to get urine in it. Yes. You peed yourself on the changing table as if you have never peed since birth and an ocean flooded the top drawer and what now seems to have reached the bottom. We understand from all the parents’ stories out there that you’ll go outside the diaper. But into a drawer?

So far the only way you’ve had serenity is when we let you play with tools and laptops. What a waste of money on all those toys.