As we do our best to teach this kid how to communicate to humans, we begin to notice all the words that begin with the letter “b”. And boy is the long. There are some essential words that I’ll jot down for Baby #2 that we’re trying to teach now (listed in no particular order, especially not alphabetical…imagine the work involved with all the sorting?):

-Buju (nickname for our cat)
-Boom (nickname for Baby Rangirl, because everything just goes “boom” with her to help give away her location in the house)
-Bilbo (name of our fish)
-Biznitch (clean word for “bitch”, which is a nickname for the cat)
-Boat (toy, we don’t own an actual one since as a minority I never learned to swim)
-Bourgeoise (since our baby is a mixed-race-product, it’s easier to explain her financial class than her origins)
-Bikram (a common Indian name she’ll probably encounter during multiple calls to tech support…or what most people assume my name is)
-Babe Ruth
-Bisquick (because, who really has time to make pancakes from scratch)
– (the current first “B” word/phrase that shows up on Google)

-Bored (without a remote control, IPad, and you can’t tell but also an iPhone in the other hand)