The terrible “two”s come at 15 months. Not 2. Not in this house. The kid is taking her time to learn two-syllable words but is quick to grasp the concept of throwing phones and remotes like a pro quarterback. Hitting and whining? It’s like she has her own VH1 reality show. Learning exactly who “mama” is? Baby Rangirl gets the question correct 14% of the time. She knows a lot already- routines, where the fish and cat are, when you need a hug…but…

“Terrible too much”, I say. Terrible is a strong word. Maybe weird for a first time dad.

There’s no rhyme/reason to her methods either. She used to fall asleep after her bottle at night and now she just wants to go 200% off the walls. An iPhone used to calm/distract her after a crying session. Now that iPhone has a 56% chance of ending on the floor or in the sink.

Some of her other actions that indicate we are in for more exhaustion:


Toys end up in our slider door.


The bites are getting more epic.


On a trip to the aquarium, this was one of maybe 4 times when she wasn’t acting up.


An antsy Baby Rangirl before crying from over exhaustion during her trip to the city.

Some of this is from her teething phase. Some from boredom. Some from her being a weirdo like her dad. All before the age of 2.