After your episode of fevers and teething: we are finally getting you back to eating from a spoon again, Baby Rangirl. You did eventually give me your sickness as a thank you for taking care of you at your weakest moment on record. My first cold from my kid. Life’s “firsts” aren’t always fun.

I was worried that you’d be a wreck for “Bring your kid to work day”, but I was wrong. You were super active and ate your food for the most part- allowing daddy to get no work done at all. Here you are, showing off your pretty dress:


Since your fate of ill health, we’ve been trying to get you to act more civilized with less tantrums, count to 10 with the use of a clock, and shut up with the use of ignoring you. So what did you accomplish so far?

-Learn who Elmo is
-Stopped calling me mama
-I sang the ABC’s with you and it sounded like you sang every other letter…but when trying to get you to do it again, “l-m-n-o-p” was the closest thing you could sing. Though, it sounded too close to “Elmo-pee”.

What happens when you need to pronounce your last name? An Indian name bears far too many N’s, a certain tongue twister.


A picture from the beach on the 4th of July. The local Indians bring more than a party: they bring their forks, knives, and curry. I wonder how many N’s in their names.