Remember 9/26/13, Baby Rangirl. Oh wait, you barely remember the last two times you’ve run your head into a table in favor of the cookie to help heal all wounds. Well just know that as you read this from the treehouse I never built for you in lieu of all my other failed promises: you were around for Daddy’s aging process.

Yesterday marked Mariano Rivera’s last game at Yankee Stadium as a closing pitcher. Yup. Baseball. And one of the first players daddy truly grew up watching day-in-and-day-out retire right in front of this old fart’s eyes.


Ouch. Sad.

Mommy Ranman is mad because she wasn’t around to see me tear up at the replays since I’m in Miami for work. I’m sure she’s more mad for me shedding a tear over a dude I’ve never met as opposed to the birth of you.