Baby Rangirl, I will go as far as to say you can be quite the annoyance. To combat your urge at douchery, we throw on any show that will capture your wild spirit. The latest trend would be you begging for “Shek? Shek?” You love you some Shrek 2. And that helps pass the crankiness as you go from playing with your blocks to being captivated by the ogre and his donkey.

(“Shek” beats your other sentences of what clearly sounded like the “F” word as clear as any 1.5 year old could say it. “Shek” and “book” were the words we tried to convince you that you meant to say.)

And we thought life was good. Until you saw the Shrek kiss with princess Fiona. I swear you tried that same kiss on me when I lifted you up. Dude. No more Shrek. Or no more human interaction. Or something.

We went to a friend’s house recently and you were smitten with their 6 year old son. What the hell, kid?


Just be a kid like in the pic below.