Sadly little Rangirl, you came down with a cold for Christmas Day. It would have been acceptable if we weren’t having a troop over the house for the holiday, but you weathered the storm of high pitched “she’s so cute!” and “why won’t she come to me?” rather well. Plus, dismissing that last question was made easy with your cold when we both know you’d avoid some of these people on any other day. I kid, I kid.

You’re still grasping the concept of opening gifts, and after opening 4 different times in 2 days (with my parents, just with your mom and me, with my in-laws, and then finally with my extended family), I can see how your patience would run thin with anything behind wrapping paper or tissue paper. People (myself included) tend to forget that unwrapping around 50 gifts total could be quite the task for a toddler. Especially a sick one. It’s when they hit 5ish or older that they start to get annoying with the gifts because they’re asking for specific things.

Now we have at least 4 gifts that make being Baby Rangirl’s father the worst job in the world (until boys come into the picture): big play sets that require assembly. The kicker? We have to gear up for the kid’s birthday in 2 months.

Well, at least we can sit back and watch Baby Rangirl enjoy some of these gifts for a while. She even demanded we have her put on some of the clothes she got…despite them going over the clothes already being worn. That’s appreciation.


Our entire block looked like they too had a million people over for Christmas:


And the garbage. My God…the garbage from all the gifts……


So many gifts!!