Who knew that I’d have more need for High School science classes than calculus? Life’s been nothing but hypotheses and theories. I forget the difference between the 2, but certainly either make more sense these days than solving for derivatives and using an imaginary i number that’s somehow negative, even though it didn’t exist in the first place. Some hypotheses I’ve been working on:

  • I suspect we’ll buy more minutes of sleep if the kid sleeps 10 minutes later at night.
  • A nap during the day makes dinner time less annoying with food remaining off the floor. I don’t have a control group for this, so I might have to deprive Mrs. Ranman of a nap to further test.
  • The cat is the source of all things evil in the house. Only way to test this one is by getting rid of her…
  • The estrogen level in the house is way too high. I’m riding in a pink car for crying out loud.
  • 20140120-171519.jpg

  • Driving is more comfortable from the front seat. In the winter, at least. Look at the hate in her eyes.
  • 20140120-171712.jpg

  • I think coffee in moderation is okay for an almost-2-year-old. We’ll find out soon enough after she took a swig of my dunkin donuts when I wasn’t looking prior to this post.