In what seems as a response to my earlier post, Baby Rangirl protested by reshuffling the letters of “S-H-I-T” to “I-H-S-T”, a clear reference to helicopter safety…or hygiene and safety.



But that’s just the cusp of your douche-tude. Whoever called it the “terrible twos” had you in mind, Baby Rangirl- the “terrible douchetwos” is more like it. You are currently at the center of your own world, demanding things go your way and we only play by your wants.

Screw the bowl of food- you want to see your YouTube kitty videos instead. Milk? No. You want to run around the house with your parents chasing you. Time for bed? Nope. Time for a cookie and you’ll do this fake cry which evolves into a real gag-fest.

Now we understand that this is life. This is normal. Screw the norm. Your antics drive me nuts. Thus, I spoil you more. You’re a well-oiled machine. A master manipulator. I hate this paragraph. It reminds me that you always win, annoying or not.

Sigh. You win. Here, have a toy.