I had to re-caulk the bathroom tub the other night, and naturally there was an elephant in the room…Baby Rangirl herself. Now I’m not calling you heavy at all, my little buttmunch. Rather, you have the gait of a gazelle. No wait, more of a herd of gazelles escaping an impending death-by-lions: clearly you thoroughly enjoy laying every inch of your foot hard to the ground when you walk.

And like an animal part of any herd, you’re all up in my face tossing your poorly-controlled limbs trying to avoid nothing. I had to ensure none of the caulk got on you so I gave you blue tape to help guide my applying of the caulk. And viola! My little dude laid down the law:


Good job, you little buggar! How about we go ahead and now reapply…wait. Where’d you go? There’s more work to be done…ugh, I swear! She also has the attention span of a gazelle. Where are-


Of course.