Holy disciplining, Batman!

Are you certain we can’t whoop a child anymore?

“Go to timeout!” has become a funny statement in the Ranman household. Mommy Ranman and I are exhausted. Negotiation, screaming, and finally resolution all take place in the course of 3 minutes because this kid refused to pick up her toys or has been yelling back nonstop to the simple things like going to brush her teeth.

What happens when I force you to stop talking to all the boys in 3rd grade because they all have one thing on their mind, Baby Rangirl? No timeouts then. Nay. Rather, you go straight to the guillotine for reprimanding. Check that, no talking to boys as early as tomorrow.

I like to believe we’re getting through to Baby Rangirl at the age of 2, but who knows what she’s learning when we’re not around? Maybe those watching her whilst we work find it funny to slap a human being in the face. Now we need to undo this and accommodate: smack to your heart’s content as long as it isn’t Mommy or Daddy.

And it’s all premeditated. She goes into the day thinking, “you know what? Screw err’body today. Especially Daddy and his stupid beard.” Look at her plotting. Who’s really going into timeout in this kid’s world? Clearly me if I’m keeping an online diary about the punishment I endure.