I guess it goes without saying: every moment going forward is another opportunity to teach and ultimately train our baby girl.

Potty training is the current hurdle. We removed the side of her crib in hopes that Baby Rangirl would hop out and hit the john without our help.


I was a bit sad at the crib alteration: at 2.5 years of age this kid now runs out of the crib, closes the room door behind her, and hops into bed with us on the weekends. There’s still some baby left in her, however. She’ll cry while standing in the crib as if she were still captive in hopes we’ll rock her to sleep at 3AM.

Naturally, Baby Rangirl has yet to get up and take a leak at night. Side note: Mommy Ranman has repeatedly told our daughter to quit saying that she had to “take a leak”. Yesterday Baby Rangirl announced:

“Daddy, I gotta go potty”. She hops on and said “I take a leak. No…don’t say ‘take a leak’ daddy.”

“So…you’re taking a pee?”

“No silly, I taking a leak!”

Nighttime and outdoors are our issue. I can’t run into the ladies room with the kid if it’s just us two, and the one time I ran with her into the men’s room at a playground: gross. Baby Rangirl swore she no longer had to hit the john and I was okay with whatever accident was to come.

Don’t worry Baby Rangirl, together we will conquer the art of taking a leak. We will own that toilet.