“I don’t want to go to school!” whined Baby Rangirl from the back seat of the car.

Well you don’t sound exactly like Dad, there are some expletives you’ll learn to sprinkle in that statement which will truly deem you my offspring. Maybe even some metaphors which compare school to ones poo hole.

This is your first week at daycare/preschool Baby Rangirl- and the first 2 days were a breeze for you. But like your father, you gave up on the system on day 3 before your third birthday. Heck, I didn’t even go to school by the age of 3 and knew the House of Learning and I would not be getting along.

Teachers say you talk quite a bit for your age, and I’d love to respond with “sure…do you have any best practices on keeping her shut?” rather than the obligatory “oh, ha! Look at my awkward smile Mrs. Random-stranger whom I’m expected to trust with my child without ever breaking bread together over hot tea!”

So begins another chapter in trying to spend less time with you so that you don’t grow up as dumb as your dad. You can sound like me, but apparently “back in my day” stories and examples aren’t effective teaching methods.

The image of you growing up kinda gives me “the feels” as Mommy Ranman puts it. She cried a bit when we dropped you off the first day, I had manly emotions.


Guess you’re now a part of my morning coffee route, after almost 3 years of going to the babysitter down the block.


No more fun and games. Time to grow up!