Well. It’s official. Baby Rangirl, you’re failing your father before you even hit 4 years of age. We give you a new room to make way for your baby bro:


 (Courtesy of a coworker who feels there’s still hope amongst the Ranmans)

And what do you do? 

You leave wads of toys on the floor like some 20 year old snob who won’t clean their IKEA-furnished apartment. I mean. You’re 3. You have a television. Cable. HBO. Access to Game of Thrones and House of Lies on demand. 

I even let you get tattooed by the locals. 

Yet you refuse to pick up your mess. 

And AJ the Cat is all like:



Side note. The cat isn’t doing well, currently at the vet for over 4 days with pancreatic issues. See what happens when you don’t pick up your crap?  

Ugh. Then you go and pick out a bear at Build-A-Bear. The perfect one. All by yourself. Batman and Yankees. And then I go and forgive you for being the douchehead that you are. You melt me.